Friday, August 17, 2012

Here we go!

Hello family and friends!  Welcome to Molliken on the Move. 

I decided about a year ago that I wanted to run a marathon.  I realized that throughout all the various adventures and experiences I've had in my 20's, I could only count a few distinct "accomplishments" among them.  I had this nagging feeling that 30 was sneaking up on me, and I didn't want this decade to sneak out without feeling like I'd accomplished some specific challenges, this among them.

I am not a natural runner.  It's taken most of my adult life to feel confident enough to want to run with anyone else.  I'm slow, and probably pretty awkward-looking when I run, though I like to imagine otherwise (it keeps me going).  I am also not a particularly experienced runner - growing up I much preferred skiing, or other sports that didn't emphasize running speed.  I completed my first 5K about 4 years ago, but became totally hooked on the energy and enthusiasm I felt on that race day, and have worked my way up to longer distances from there.  Our goal for November 4 is to cross the finish line, regardless of the time.

Marathon training is in full swing in Chicago.  Evan and I have been battling heat and blisters while working hard to increase our mileage.  With 79 days to go until the marathon, we've already experienced some ups and downs and are excited to share the process, as we get ready for "the run of our lives."

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