Monday, September 24, 2012

New Milestones!

Hi Marathon Fans!  We hit some big milestones this week!  First, Evan turned 30 on Thursday.  To celebrate, we went on an early morning run through the zoo.

Ok, so this photo was not from our run, but it does show the sun bear, which is Evan's favorite, other than the gibbons.  The bears were out on Thursday, the gibbons were not.  It was a lovely 5 miles to start off our day.

Friday we hosted a group of friends for apps & drinks and went to dinner at Salpicon to round out the birthday celebrations.

Saturday was a rest day, because we were not keen on attempting 20 miles after having been out late celebrating the night before.

Our second big milestone of the week was completing TWENTY miles for the first time ever yesterday!

Sunday morning was beautiful!  We fueled up with steel cut oats with peanut butter, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds before we headed out.

We also packed some fuel to eat along the way.  We started out with these choices, of which Evan took the Espresso Power Shots (he loves that stuff!) and I took chomps, the shot block and sport beans.  We split everything, and I've decided that I like having the variety of the bitter espresso shots with the sweet/gummy snacks.  The texture of the shots/Gu is still a bit much for me, so it definitely helps that we share. We also ended up stopping for a Gatorade each around mile 12.  We've decided not to underestimate the power of good old Gatorade, because at that point we needed it!

How do you fuel up for a long run?  We're still learning what we like and what works best, but with only six weeks to go until the marathon we don't have a lot of time left to come up with our race-day fuel strategy!

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