Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC or Bust!!! ...or bust.

A year ago, when Evan and I decided to run the NYC marathon in honor of our 30th birthdays this fall,  our lives were totally different.  We lived on the Upper East Side, so getting to the marathon involved a subway ride to the ferry.  Hurricane Irene had come and gone without really hitting NYC, so the idea of a hurricane causing this sort of damage was kind of unthinkable.

It is with great sadness that I write this post announcing our deferral to the 2013 marathon.  We are still very excited to run NYC and to be a part of the action, but as this week has gone on and more information has come to light about the situation in the city right now, it seemed a little selfish to show up and draw on the resources in the city for a sporting event.  

We are so lucky - though we've lost the opportunity to conquer a big goal, it is nothing in comparison to the losses that many New Yorkers are facing.  We've put our hotel room back into the pool for someone who needs it, we will not have our trusty NYC dogwalker taking hours of busses to get in to take Teddy around on marathon day, and we're sending donations through the NYRR page.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those working on the recovery efforts.

And we'll see you at the finish line... next year.

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