Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A long run and a spot of Vitamin Water (oops, time delay!)

(Ooops, I did not have as much internet access as I thought I would this week, so this post is slightly delayed in its publication.  Sorry!)

Hello from across the pond!  This week's runs took me past some very scenic things.  Yesterday I did about 7-8 miles, though I walked the end because I was quite tired after adjusting to the time difference, and not starting with enough fuel!  I had a vitamin water and felt 100%.

There were two lovely things along the way today...

The first was a pub with extraordinary flowers.  I had to pause my run to take a photo because this just isn't something you'd see in the US.

The second really notable thing was Tower Bridge, of course, with the paralympics symbol now up.  It was lovely running along the Thames, and even though I'm still way below my mileage for this week, I was happy with 7 miles, and a lovely little stroll at the end with my vitamin water.

More to come!

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